Monday, March 31, 2014

En garde! April Fools Pranks for Car Lovers

Each year it seems that April 1st pranks just get more outrageous. Seriously, maybe you shouldn't even leave the house. And don't even think about getting on Facebook. 

Perhaps the best way to avoid falling victim to the shenanigans this year is to administer the deception. After all, they do say that the best defense is a good offense.

Here are a few ideas for pranks involving cars. 

*Disclaimer: People take their cars very seriously so choose your victim wisely.

1. Cellophane wrapping. This one needs no explanation.

2. Accessory Overload. If you have access to your victim's keys, this one can be really great! Turn on the radio, wipers, A/C, hazards, parking brake and whatever else you can think of so that the next time they get in the car, well...

3. Balancing Act. Using tape or a similar adhesive utility, secure an empty coffee cup or mug to the top of your car. Watch the bewildered stares as you maneuver around the city with seemingly super driving powers.

4. Hit and run. Leave a note that will make your victim think that somebody hit their car!

5. A smashing success. Obtain an old car window from a scrap yard. Smash it to pieces, roll your victim's car windows down and place the broken glass on their seat and on the ground. All that's left is to break the news.

Let us know if you have any auto related pranks of your own!

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